There are beautiful places on Earth that defy all words. And then there is Alaska. The place simply goes beyond the realm of splendor and sheer elegance that plain adjectives can not do it justice. Imagine hiking all night through a picturesque forest while the sun glances off the distant mountain tops. When the sun does actually take a few minutes to rest beyond the horizon before rising again, the sky dances with purple and blue gorgeousness mixed with twinkling and pulsating distant stars.

Alaska has become the new cruise hotspot with thousands of tourists pouring into Alaskans ports during the short summer months. Many people love to drive for hours to world class zoos to take a gander at the exotic animals they would never see other than on their television screens. In Alaska you may run into a moose, an elk and a bison while a bald eagle soars majestically above and that is just on the morning trip to the mailbox! Experience the thrill of a lifetime while kayaking on rapidly flowing icy waters.

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