The commonwealth of Virginia has a slogan. It says to “live passionately.” There is no better place in the country to follow this advice than in Virginia. In addition to living passionately you can learn passionately. You see Virginia was the very first American colony and the historical sites are plentiful. See the very first English settlement of Jamestown. Virginia was also a major area for the Civil War and many of its battles. The scars and mementos from these conflicts are still around to this day.

Virginia has the some great local fare. Country ham and grits are a local favorite and are served up deliciously at many area restaurants. If more nationalized foods such as American, Italian, Mexican or Chinese are more up your alley, Virginia has these tasty choices as well. After filling yourself to the brim, its time to hit the town. In Virginia there are plenty of night life options in the various cities. From something as unique as ballroom dancing to something as mundane as a sports bar, Virginia has what you are looking for.

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