No state has more Southern elegance and charm than the state of Alabama. In Alabama there are very distinct seasons with endless possibilities contained within each one. Sure winter is warmer than most of America and for some that is the main draw of Alabama. The other seasons offer terrific options from boating and fishing in the warm early spring to the swimming and beach life that the hot summers bring. Don’t forget about autumn, which offers a bit less of a chill than the north but displays just as much of those glorious fall colors.

The average temperature in Alabama is 64 degrees so it goes without saying that the state offers some of the finest golf courses in the country. Even though you always want to be in the glorious outdoors Alabama has to offer, the state also has plenty of indoor attractions. From the Alabama Civil Rights Freedom Farm Museum in Eutaw to a unique look at America’s past when radioruled the entertainment landscape at the Alabama Historical Radio Museum located in Birmingham.

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