Take a step back in time in the state of Wyoming. It will feel so much like old-time America that you will swear you are seeing everything in black and white! True western spirit embodies the hearts of the people of Wyoming. This spirit is displayed in full force at the state’s favorite pastime: the rodeo. Brave cowboys donning their three-gallon hats, boots and spurs riding a bucking bronco provides endless entertainment in Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming boasts some incredible natural resources that are unmatched by any other place in the country. One of the best of these natural recourses is Wyoming’s hot springs. Imagine a natural hot tub in the middle of the beautiful and sweeping Wyoming landscapes. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh in these great spas. Backpack to a remote cabin in the woods and enjoy the most refreshing sleep you have ever had. The next morning wake up at dawn for a terrific day of fishing, hunting, skiing or any other wondrous activity you can fathom.

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