Welcome to Cheeseland U.S.A. It does not seem like a very favorable term but the people living in Wisconsin embrace their world famous product whole heartedly. When visiting or relocating to Wisconsin, one thing is for sure: you had better pack your thirst and hunger! Cheese aside, Wisconsin has some of the most distinct and delicious tastes in all of the country. From locally micro brewed beers, tasty bratwurst, local wine and delectable cranberries, the state has wonderful food that just must be sampled.

Some of the finest in performing arts claims residence in Wisconsin. One of the best cities in the state for this is the college town of Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin and several fine cultural arts centers. The Madison Opera, ballet and Madison Repertory Theater all curry interest from entertainment seeking Wisconsinites. Another source of entertainment in the summer is the Wisconsin Dells world-famous Riverview Park and Waterworld. As you plunge down a twisty water slide, you will think there is not a better water park anywhere than Riverview Park.

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