Michigan is such a tremendous state that it had to be split into two pieces. Having perhaps the most unique geography in the country, Michigan has a lower peninsula which contains the large metropolitan regions of Detroit, Grand Rapids and the state capital of Lansing. This is connected to another, less populated piece of land known as the upper peninsula. It is Christmas year round at the festive, German town of Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth’s Zehnders and Bavarian Inn Restaurants offer the tastiest chicken dinners you could ever find.

One of the finest museums in the world is located in Dearborn, which is just outside of Detroit. There are actually two museums at this location, Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum. At Greenfield Village, historic homes have been rebuilt brick by brick and put on display in a historic town full of people in period clothing. Across the parking lot is Henry Ford Museum which features historic artifacts from the seat Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot and the motorcade used by John F. Kennedy on his ill fated trip to Dallas. These are just a few of the incredible displays at the Henry Ford Museum.

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