For many, Nebraska has been just a large state you drive through to get to another state. If this is the case with you, you have been making a terrible mistake. Nebraska provides plenty of fun activities intermingled with beautiful scenery. Hit the waters by renting a boat, kayak or canoe at A&C Outfitters in Valentine. Maybe hitting the land rather than the sea is your idea of recreation. Whether that recreation is hunting, golfing, hiking or bicycling there is something for everyone.

Prairie Creek Vineyard and Winery offers visitors a first hand glimpse at how wine is made in the heart of the country. When given the chance at tasting the wine, you would think you had tasted something from the vineyards of California. Visit the Santee Indian Reservation in Knox County. The Santee Indian people have lived in this area of Nebraska for as long as records have been written.

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