Think you need to travel to Alaska to see an authentic dog sled? Think again. Punderson State Park offers this incredible event right in the heart of Ohio. Ski, snowboard, sled or ride around town on a snowmobile in the snowy sites of Ohio in the winter. Wanting to take a refreshing dip in the pool in January or February? No you’re not crazy! In Sandusky, Ohio you can do just that at the Great Bear Lodge. Shoot down some water slides or relax in the lazy river all while pinning away for the summer. During the summer it is an absolute must to visit the Great Bear’s neighbor, Cedar Point. The amusement park is one of the country’s best known parks for their thrilling roller coasters.

Ohio prides itself on having some of the best cultural activities in the Midwest. Whether you are looking for terrific art museums, history museums, orchestras or performing arts centers, Ohio has what you are seeking. Are you a sports fan? Ohio offers a ton of professional and collegiate sporting events throughout the state, most notably in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

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