Step foot on the legendary blue grass of Kentucky and look around at the beauty that envelopes you. The world’s “most exciting two minutes in sports” takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is a right of passage that takes place on the first Saturday in May. The amazing animals that run this famous race have a special place in the Kentuckian people’s hearts. The state, most notably Lexington, claims to be “the horse capital of the world,” with more than 450 horse farms in Lexington alone.

Want to move inside for your entertainment? That is possible with the wondrous activities Kentucky offers. Bluegrass music was born and nurtured in Kentucky and concerts are popular in the state. Opera, ballet and several theaters claim residence in Kentucky and provide more entertainment that can possibly be experienced. There is a wide assortment of tasty treats that are uniquely Kentucky. From the state’s famous country ham to the world famous chicken which spanned a restaurant chain, Kentucky has vitals for everyone’s pallets.

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