Travel to a state so rich in culture, beauty, and unique flavor that you would think you are in a country of its own. You would be partially correct when feeling these sentiments in Texas. “The Lone Star State” got its nickname by being its own independent nation for a brief period before joining the United States in the mid-19th century. It is hard to shake Texas’ image of swaggering cowboys. But Texans love this image. It is seen at the many area dude ranches and favorite pastime of the rodeo.

Belly up to the dinner table and gobble up some traditional Texan fare. Chow down on some chuck wagon chili, slurp down some salsa, eat some scrumptious fajitas, or any other tasty Tex-Mex dish you are craving. While you are eating or while relaxing after a fine meal, listen to some fine Texas style music. There is not just country played down here in Texas. Rock, blues, jazz and gospel are among the many different music genres which will compel you to tap your foot.

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