Warm up with some hot cocoa after a few fun hours of hitting the slopes of the hills and mountains at North Dakota’s Bottineau Winter Park. Go ahead, treat yourself, have that extra marshmallow! Veer to and fro in a snowmobile or reel in “the big one” from far below by ice fishing on one of North Dakota’s many icy lakes. But North Dakota is not only just a winter wonderland, it provides hours of fun entertainment all year long.

Take a few steps in the moccasins of the early explorers of North Dakota at the Hatton-Eielson Museum. Here you will discover the life and times of world famous pioneer Carl Ben Eielson by viewing his original home and belongings. Some other explorers who played prominently in the birth of North Dakota are Lewis and Clark. They are celebrated during the warmer months on a luxurious riverboat tour of the mighty Mississippi River, where the famed explorer duo once rowed across.

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