Summertime is a marvel in Indiana. Much like a flower blooming in the sun, Indiana fully blooms as well. Case in point: the exquisite Patoka Lake. The lake is truly at the center of all kinds of adventure. From sleeping under the Midwestern stars in a tent or an RV to kayaking and jet skiing on the gorgeous waters, Patoka Lake is the perfect place to spend a few days relaxing and recharging your personal battery. To observe a unique lifestyle ripped right out of the history books, experience Elkhart’s Amish Country. You can follow a unique heritage trail and learn more about the Amish people.

The state of Indiana’s history always involves fast moving motor vehicles. To celebrate this, the Indianapolis 500 is held every Memorial Day. The annual rite of passage dates back nearly a century. For racing fans, attending the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum is a must. Of course, if your preferred type of racing is speeding through a shopping mall, seeking great deals, Indiana’s numerous shopping centers offer plenty of ways to spend-and save-a buck.

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