Trot on horseback through awe inspiring mountain top dusty trails that were once traveled by Native Americans, explorers, pioneers, cowboys and finally, Sooners, in Oklahoma. Experience the history of the people that came before at the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations which celebrate the tribes’ history and lifestyle in the region. Travel to Geary to observe a wonderful Rock Island Caboose and discover the nation’s first log jail, which was used in 1909. All this and more can be discovered at the Canadian Rivers Historical Museum.

Spend a day riding up and down the sand dunes in Oklahoma. Beat the heat and have fun in the sun at the many state water parks. Oklahoma offers a wide variety of food from local favorites, Tex-Mex, to American, Italian, Mexican, barbeque or seafood. Every style restaurant is available from fast food to 5-star upscale fine dining. There is truly a taste and a restaurant to fit everyone’s pallet and wallet.

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