Rhode Island reflects the beauty of its region New England. The state is a sight to see when the summer heat wanes into a cool autumn crisp. There is nothing like taking a scenic ride and observing the colorful leaves all around you. After a cool day outside, what better way to warm up than with a piping hot bowl of New England clam chowder? For the main course dine on some juicy and succulent lobsters, or for the land lover, scrumptious burgers and fries.

The state of Rhode Island offers plenty of cultural activities. From the Tony Award-winning Repertory Company to small but just as entertaining community productions, Rhode Island has the type of theater you are seeking. If you are seeking fun and games, Adventureland in Narragansett is for you. Here the miniature golf through waterfalls and caves will be a blast and the go-karts will thrill you. Before heading for home, be sure to hit some balls around in the always fun batting cages.

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