“MMMMMMMM.” This is the most common statement you will be expressing when in North Carolina. You see the state has a distinct flair for their tasty foods from barbeque to the best southern cooking anywhere. The tastes of the state cause some good natured rivalries as to which section of North Carolina has the best barbeque sauce. Further east, people love their vinegar-based sauce while the North Carolinians residing in the west enjoy their sauce with a little tomato flair. Pork is the meat of choice to everyone in North Carolina. Whether it is the sausage in the great breakfast gravy or on a bun as pulled pork, it doesn’t get better than North Carolina eats.

Outside the kitchens and restaurants of North Carolina, the wonders of the outdoors greet you. The state is a sought after destination for fall foliage. The advantage of seeing the leaves change in the south is the warmer air, but you still get all the great colors of the north. The rest of seasons are just as enjoyable with wonderful walks in the gorgeous green parks in the spring and aquatic adventure in the summer.

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