Stunning red rocky horizons contrasted with the gorgeous blue skies and lush green landscapes create a compelling and serene environment known as the state of Utah. In Utah you may feel it is a crime to ever leave the great outdoors. Utah offers every golfer’s dream: year round play. Sure you get your share of snow in the mountains of the state, but with its unique climate makeup, there is always sun shining on a golf course in Utah. Experience the ambiance of meandering your way through the calm waters of the Colorado River or take it up a notch and tackle the powerful white caps of the rivers in the Cataract Canyon. It will be a thrill of a lifetime!

You can’t discuss Utah without discussing the possibilities of hitting the slopes. The state’s atmosphere provides plenty of ideal snow. Annually the state receives 500 inches of dry, powder-like snow, which is perfect for enjoyable snow-related activities. Whether it is downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding or sledding, Utah will keep you entertained for days.

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