It is hard to top the natural and enchanting beauty of New Mexico. The state has a diverse and exciting amount of ancient cultures, world famous cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy these landscapes by taking in one of the many parks in New Mexico. Over 300 of them are available and you can choose you favorite to hike, bike or just enjoy the southwestern sun. New Mexico is a wonderful place to look up and stare. The combination of low pollution and thin high altitude air contribute to wonderfully clear skies and allows you to gaze at the millions of stars

Black holes are a bad thing in space; however blue holes are wonderful in New Mexico. In Santa Rosa, there is a scuba diver’s dream known as “the Blue Hole.” Divers ascend in crystal clear water and discover all the wonders that live beneath the surface of the water. Ride a horse in a valley or ascend in a hot air balloon and look down on the majesty that is New Mexico. There is never a dull moment on the paradise of New Mexico.

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