There may be no more historical state in the country than Pennsylvania. Not actually considered a state, Pennsylvania is actually considered a commonwealth. That is not the only unique thing about Pennsylvania. For arts and entertainment there is no better place than Pennsylvania. The commonwealth has three areas that have been named top ten art-related destinations. Those sites are Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Bucks County. One of the most fun activities one can do is to see how their favorite products are created at factory tours. One Pennsylvanian favorite is Hershey Chocolate World, which allows visitors to see how their favorite chocolate treats are created and experience the best part: free samples!

For the inner history buff in you, Pennsylvania is rich in historical sites and scenes. Major Civil War battles were raged on soil of the commonwealth. There is probably no Civil War site that is better known than Gettysburg. This little town was the site of a major battle and a major speech by President Lincoln. Over in Philadelphia, the historical sites are seemingly endless. From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, the history is palpable in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

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