Beaches, theme parks, fishing, cruises, shopping and golfing. You may wonder how many different states have been described here because these activities surely can’t be contained in only one location, can they? They sure can, in Florida. The Sunshine State offers theme parks in and around Orlando and beaches from coast to coast. Honestly is there a better place in the country to play golf than Florida? Ideal golfing conditions year round attract golfing enthusiasts to courses all over the state. Florida is a lot more than theme parks, but it is hard to deny the state being the theme park capital of the country. Disney, Sea World, Universal and Busch Gardens are just a handful of the most fun places on Earth that Florida offers.

It’s hard to pass up a day on the smooth white sandy beaches Florida boasts. World famous beaches stretch from the east to the west right down to the south. St. Pete’s Beach on the east coast is second to none; Daytona Beach is world renowned for its waterfront and its racecars; and there is no parallel experience to South Beach in Miami.

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