You have never seen quite a site until you have seen the rows and rows of South Carolina wildflowers growing in the spring. Every color of the rainbow is represented here in living, vibrant colors. South Carolina is a popular destination for winter weary northerners seeking the refuge of the warm and inviting weather of the state. They happily trade in their winter coats, hats and gloves for bikinis, sun glasses and golf clubs. With more than 100 miles of pristine Atlantic Ocean coastline, there is plenty of room for all the sun seeking masses.

Bring your appetites with you when in South Carolina. The state offers a first-class culinary adventure that will make your tastes sing. A.W. Shuck’s Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Charleston offers some of the best seafood to be pulled out of local waters. Meanwhile in Columbia, true Puerto Rican flare is served up at the Old San Juan House. Locals will tell you their favorite dishes here are the Empanadilla Rellena and the Mofongo Relleno. The dishes are hard to pronounce but easy on the pallet.

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