Small town America is seen in all its glory in New Hampshire. From the small town feel to the kindness of its residents, New Hampshire is more like one close-knit community rather than a state. Adventure and entertainment is everywhere in New Hampshire. Theaters are as common as friendly people in New Hampshire. They come in all sizes from small, which host smaller acting troupes and comedians to larger venues where the large touring shows come in. If music is what you seek, New Hampshire has plenty of local bands enlivening the numerous nightlife options in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has some tremendous tasting food at the state’s restaurants. The state even borrows some tasty food ideas from others. City Flame Smoke House lets people enjoy some scrumptious barbeque favorites in Manchester. In Amherst, some delectable treats are served up at the Aspirations Bistro and Bakery. The little restaurant serves up some of the best breakfast you will find in New Hampshire.

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