For as far as you can see in Vermont, beauty hits your eyesight. Snowy tops hills are awash in the sounds of children’s laughter as they skid down the icy incline in their fast paced sled. The only downside is the long walk back up the hill, but even then a playful snowball fight will help with the walking time. For grownups, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding makes Vermont winters an absolute blast. After a day on the slopes, relax with a night in one of the many clubs that surround the ski resorts. Many local bands on their way to stardom play at these bars every night.

When the icy winds morph into a warm summer breeze, Vermont still offers plenty of outdoor fun. From fishing and hunting to golfing and hiking, the state is as much of a summertime fun land as it is a winter wonderland. Vermont has some scrumptious native New England food including clam chowder and lobster.

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